Seminar Benefits
S E M I N A R   P R O G R A M
B O T T O M    L I N E    B E N E F I T S
Immediate and long-lasting!

1. Each participant has a better understanding of his or her
     entrepreneurial style.
  2. Reduction of the potential for conflict or power struggles in the
     entrepreneurial process
     (preventive maintenance vs. crisis management).
  3. Higher morale and greater productivity in marketing.
  4. Better listening, creativity and entrepreneurial skills.
  5. Greater sensitivity to  client diversity.
  6. Tools for influencing an emotionally safe climate in the
     entrepreneurial process.
  7. Working with change; not against it.
  8. Knowing how to approach different people and situations in an
     entrepreneurial pursuit.
  9. Implementation of change in a win/win situation.
10.Cost-effective marketing ideas.
11.What works and what doesn't work in term of motivation. Work
     hard. Work smart.
12.Dealing more effectively with a downturn in the economy.
     Reinvention skills.
13.Creative skills for developing a brand, building on it and
     protecting it.